17 New York Arts Organizations Are Among The $30 Million Winners


The Queens Museum is among 46 cultural nonprofits selected by Bloomberg Philanthropies for a new $30 million program. This aims to support technology development in groups and help them stabilize and thrive in the wake of the pandemic. Philanthropists announced Tuesday that each organization has appointed a Bloomberg Tech Fellow.

Heryte Tequame, deputy director of communications and digital projects at the museum, has been selected as a fellow in the program known as the Digital Accelerator program and will be responsible for the development of a digital project of her choice. In an interview, he said that in 2020 the museum “recognized where we need to expand our capacity and invest more”.

“I think we’re really taking the time now to see what we can do that can be long-lasting,” Tequame said. “And not just to be responsive, but also to be really proactive and have a real strategy for the future.”

The organizations don’t yet know exactly how much each will receive from the $30 million, but Tequame said it wants to use at least some of it in the museum’s permanent collection.

Another buyer, Harlem Stage, has selected Deirdre May, senior director of digital content and marketing, as its technologist.

Patricia Cruz, executive director and artistic director of this performing arts center, which focuses largely on artists of color, said in an interview that she aims to use the aid in part to increase accessibility. “People who can’t leave their homes, for example, will be able to see some of the best artistic performances that can be done,” said Cruz, “because that’s the core of what we do.”

Among the 46 organizations selected for the program are nonprofits in the United States and England. 26 of these are in the United States and 17 of them are in New York, including the Apollo Theatre, Ghetto Film School, and the Tenement Museum. Patricia E. Harris, CEO of Bloomberg Philanthropies, said in a statement that when the pandemic hits, cultural organizations need to be creative to keep their (virtual) doors open.

“We are now excited to launch the Accelerator program to help more arts organizations drive innovation and investment and strengthen the technology and management practices that are key to their long-term success,” Harris said.

As Cruz of Harlem Stage says, “We’re ready to step up.”


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