2020 Euro Finals Heads To A Clash In England Against Italy


Italy is in tight competition and England are more relaxed in choosing players whose coaches will take penalties. But the pre-conflict tension is palpable. All this works and it all comes down to it.

Kane and Chiellini meet with Kuipers for the shot. Kane picks the ending on the first coin toss and picks the goal in front of the England fans. Chiellini chose Italy to take first in the second inning.

We’re going to play this one up here now, so keep refreshing:

Domenico Berardi goes first. AND POINTS!

Italy lead 1-0.

Now it was Harry Kane. KANE POINTS! 1-1.

Italy 1, England 1.


Belotti for Italy. PICKFORD SAVINGS!

Drawn again, 1-1.

Harry Maguire. MAGUIRE POINTS!

England 2, Italy 1.

Bonucci for Italy. BONUCCI POINTS!

Italy 2, England 2.

Now Marcus Rashford. HIT THE ARTICLE!

Italy 2, England 2nd advantage gone.


Bernardeschi for Italy. POINTS!

Italy 3, England 2.

Next is Sancho. SAVE BY DONNARUMMA!!

Italy 3, England 2.

Italy can win here.


Jorginho. Who beat Spain? Who is using Chelsea’s penalties? To earn.

Watch the jump.

PICKFORD SAVINGS! He read it and pushed it to the pole!!

What a moment!

Italy 3, England 2.

Bukayo Saka for England.

He should score.




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