5-Star Ambition Store on the Shore of the Raging Congo River

Border guards have been spotted outside Tenke Fungurume, one of the country’s largest cobalt and copper mines, which has been owned by a Chinese conglomerate since 2016. security for other Chinese mining companies, including Sicomines, a joint venture between the Congo and Chinese governments.

Mr. Prince is perhaps best known for running the private security firm Blackwater, which has been accused of violating ethical and legal boundaries. Blackwater employees killed in 2007 17 civilians in Iraq. This year, Mr. Prince Found by United Nations researchers to violate an arms embargo Libya.

After a short time UN embargo report breach, Mr Prince resigned As a senior officer at Frontier, his lawyer said the move was “due to disagreements over management performance and the direction of the company.” Mr. Prince sold most of his shares in Frontier Services at the time of his resignation. A spokesperson said he no longer has any financial interests in the company.

Asked about the mining activities, the spokesperson said Mr. Prince had seen significant exploration opportunities in Africa and elsewhere over the years. “These activities,” he added, “can also be carried out in a profitable, environmentally responsible and ethical manner.”

According to Mr. Kabongo, Mr. Prince is well suited for a high-risk location like the Congo. “I love the passion of being able to move things from the moon to the middle of the forest,” he said. “He is interested in finding new boundaries. This is what we need here. We need someone brave.”

Jide Zeitlin is a partner at Goldman Sachs. He ran Tapestry, the parent company of Kate Spade and Coach. He has served as president He was a member of the Sovereign Investment Authority of Nigeria and Mr. Obama nominated him for the UN post – but Mr. Zeitlin withdrawn He is in the midst of personal and business problems, some of which caused him to resign from Tapestry.

Now, Mr. Zeitlin is another high-profile investor with a laser focus on Congo’s minerals and metals and an occasional guest at Fleuve, where he plans to meet with Congolese senior officials this month.

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