500,000 New Yorkers Get Rent Back. What Happens When Evictions Continue?


Both landlords and tenants can start the application process, but landlords who need to provide additional information for the application can choose not to participate. New York City officials are encouraging tenants whose landlords refuse to complete the application anyway, saying it can be used as a defense in housing court.

To date, more than 160,000 completed applications have been filed in New York State, of which nearly three-quarters are from New York City tenants and landlords, the state said. Yet, The flow of aid to tenants was among the slowest in the country, Records show that it was hampered by technical glitches and bugs that forced applicants to restart the long process all over again.

At the end of June, New York was one of two states that had not yet sent out financial aid to tenants. State officials said that as of last week, only a small amount – $117,000 – had been paid to test the payment system. But on Monday, another $700,000 in aid was distributed and additional daily payments will be made, according to the state.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced on Monday that the state will initiate a renewed application process to streamline and speed up the process. The state said it will take until the end of August to pay out funds from approved applications.

More than 62,000 eviction cases have been filed in New York Housing Court since the start of the pandemic. Evacuation Laboratory at Princeton University. The number of lawsuits in New York City represents 20 percent of all eviction lawsuits filed in 29 cities, tracked by Eviction Lab, a group that includes other major cities such as Austin, Houston, and Phoenix.

While courts have allowed cases to be opened during the pandemic, nearly all are paused with no scheduled hearings until the eviction moratorium ends. State Court Administration Spokesperson Lucian Chalfen said housing courts are preparing for the possibility of reopening in September after the state moratorium expires and resuming in-person hearings later that month.

It is too early to estimate how many cases will be on file when the court reopens. The Eviction Lab said between 400 and 800 new housing lawsuits are filed each week in New York, but cases where landlords receive federal rental assistance will not go forward in court.


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