‘A Castle For Christmas’ Review: Deck The Halls With Expensive Tartans

Best-selling author Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields) dares to throw her favorite character down the stairs in her latest novel in “A Castle for Christmas.” Now the fans are outraged. Even talk show host Drew Barrymore, played by talk show host Drew Barrymore, is critical of Sophie’s actions.

After a live broadcast event, Sophie travels to Scotland, partly to escape her readers’ anger and partly to gain inspiration from writers. Her father was a spinner, Sophie’s daughter reminds her in a video call. His vivid stories about a Scottish castle where his parents were landkeepers were particularly rich.

At a cozy hostel in Dunbar, Sophie is greeted by a group of locals who have gathered to knit. He also encounters Cary Elwes, who plays Myles, the duke of nearby Dun Dunbar castle. Thanks to his insatiable dog, Hamish, he and Sophie meet cutely in town. Sophie recklessly decides to buy Myles’ castle and becomes his gruff tenant with a plan to repurchase the property.

Cute stars with a little excitement, Elwes and Shields also have a stereotypical scenario. It also doesn’t help matters that Elwes, whose last leading role in the romantic comedy is “The Princess Bride,” doesn’t seem very comfortable. The supporting cast is more relaxed (especially Andi Osho as Maisie and Lee Ross as Maisie’s ex and Myles’ maid Thomas as Thomas. But no one is happier than the pup playing the stubborn matchmaker for their close-ups. He puts the ham on Hamish, but then that’s it. Isn’t it an Easter meal?

A Castle for Christmas
Not rated. Duration: 1 hour 38 minutes. Watch on Netflix.

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