After the discussion, the infrastructure bill is nearing the finish line.


Senators had a second weekend in a row discuss the details A $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure proposal that postpones a planned summer vacation. “We do it the old-fashioned way,” said Senator Mitt Romney, a Republican from Utah. He told reporters on Sunday about discussions that lasted for days.

Republicans joined Democrats on Saturday and Sunday in support of a plan to fund repairs of roads, bridges, ports and more, and to make American transportation greener with projects related to electric vehicles, bicycles and pedestrian access. They overcame the last hurdle before the final vote in parliament last night. possibly late Monday or Tuesday.

Why are you waiting? About a dozen proposed changes were discussed. Some senators want states to have more freedom in how pandemic relief funds are reused. Others demand more money for public transport. 40 billion dollars allocated, less than originally envisaged. In a rare moment of unity, the room spontaneously burst into applause when Ted Cruz, a staunch conservative Republican from Texas, and Raphael Warnock, a progressive Democrat from Georgia, made a joint highway proposal with unanimous support.​

But differences in how the cryptocurrency is regulated threatened to derail the process. Two competing crypto changes caused an unexpected excitement, with legislators developing dueling changes to how the bill defines a “broker” in a provision aimed at generating more tax revenue from crypto transactions. There is no agreement on whether the changes will be included before the final vote, and the 30-hour period will end early Tuesday morning.

Former President Donald Trump has threatened senators who support his infrastructure proposal, saying they will pay in the primaries. But few seem to be moving, and many take a chance. distance themselves from Mr Trump. Minority leader Mitch McConnell said the law had an “excellent chance” of becoming a “bilateral success story for the country”. But Republican Senator Todd Young of Indiana, who was part of the group that drafted the bill, said Sunday He said he would not vote to pass him because of concerns about the cost.


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