Alfie Allen Enters the Zone with Gospel Music and Pineapple

at Martin McDonagh “Executioner” In the 1960s, a mysterious man named Mooney shows up out of nowhere in a London bar. He describes himself as “vaguely menacing”, but he’s also pretty charismatic: as Ben Brantley of The New York Times noted in his review of the play’s 2018 Off-Broadway premiere, he’s a “nimble young devil.”

It’s an interesting role, and you can understand why Alfie Allen chose it for his American stage debut — The play is currently previewed at the Golden Theater.. No matter how dark and twisted Mooney’s spirit may be, this episode should feel like a vacation compared to season eight of Allen. Theon GreyjoyOne of the most tragic characters in “Game of Thrones”.

“There’s a freedom in Mooney that can be perceived and performed in so many different ways, that’s the genius of Martin’s writing,” Allen, who had watched a production at London’s Wyndham’s Theatre, said in a recent video chat.

One thing that came up a lot was music, but Allen laughed when asked if he could do a musical. “If someone thought my musical abilities were adequate, I would definitely think so,” he said. “I think I can sing and act, but I’m not sure I can dance.”

From his New York apartment, which was his home base for the show’s continuation, Allen reviewed more than 10 items he deemed necessary as it focused on countering the physical demands of a Broadway show. These are edited excerpts from the speech.

1. Massage Gun I have pretty tight muscles so I bought one of these for Christmas in anticipation of performing in New York. There are definitely physical aspects to playing that role in “Hangmen” – his stance is a bit upright and a bit rigid, so I need my muscles to be in good working order. theragun Just what a 35 year old man needs.

2nd. “Nobody knows,” TL Barrett and the Jesus Choir for Youth I usually create a playlist for each character I play. i have one portable Marshall speaker – they are really good quality. I am listening “My Ever-Changing Mood” By the Style Council, it turned out to be true to the character for some reason. And to get rid of it, I listen to Pastor TL Barrett, whose records have resurfaced in the last 10, 15 years. There is a song called “Nobody Knows” that I listen to a lot.

3. Pineapple Pieces I keep them in the fridge while I’m doing something on stage. The acidity helps clear the throat and vocal cords in a way. I also like pineapple. Fine.

4. A Photograph of His Daughter I have framed photos that I carry with me when I go to shoot or go on stage. One below, one here. I have lots of photos. [Moves camera to show them.] I brought mostly family pieces, didn’t collect anything – that’s all at home.

5. Apple AirPods If I’m on the street or on the subway in London – I haven’t used the subway in New York yet – it’s a method of zoning. I like podcasts, but I’m definitely more of a music guy. I don’t go to bars and clubs much anymore, so I’m learning about this through others. My friends will send me a lot of music and only hear it online online. Spotify is always good.

6. A Painting of His Dog My Aunt Maureen made a picture of my dog ​​and gave it to me. She asked me for a picture of it – it’s a French bulldog. She had already drawn a little sketch for me and then made a neat oil painting, which is great. Unfortunately I couldn’t bring my dog ​​with me so he is being cared for in London by a family member.

7. One-gallon Water Bottle I try to drink a gallon of water every day. It’s not easy, but it makes me feel so much better. I try to be pretty militant about it, especially on stage. I saw these water bottles online, they say what time of day you should drink it. When we enter technology, we will be at the cinema 12-13 hours a day. When you’re on stage and waiting around for a long time, you don’t want to ask people to bring you water.

8. “Just Kids” by Patti Smith “I just started reading. A friend suggested I read it while I was here. I am definitely a fan of punk and what it stands for (or does) but I am not an expert on Patti Smith’s music. Soon to be, I hope!

9. Ian Wright Arsenal Jersey I’m a big Arsenal fan and Ian Wright He was a legendary striker we had. He was definitely my hero back then. The interest in classic soccer balls has revived a bit, so I decided to dive into that market and bought one from the 1997-98 season. I hope I can give it to my daughter when she grows up.

10. Steaming I’ve been trying to look at my vocal cords and found something called this. DoctorVox — one of the other players suggested it to me, and that’s great. It looks like a big glass bowl type thing. Then there’s a mechanism where you rub it on part of your face, then inhale and exhale. I haven’t really mastered it yet.

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