‘Aline’ Review: The Story As Strange as Time

The best compliment that can be given to French serious-comic filmmaker Valérie Lemercier is that “Aline,” a biography of Celine Dion, in which Lemercier plays a fictionalized version of the pop star from infancy to widower, is shocking to discover the singer as a man. it was on his first album: a 13-year-old boy with snaggleteeth. The passion for the movie is incredible – but boy, is it embodied in something strange?

We have little time to get used to the cinematic gimmick-reduced image of the adult Lemercier, reduced to a child’s size, before we are forced to grapple with the awareness that this eulogy is meant to be sincerely written. While the cinematography is as static as a Saturday Night Live sketch, “Aline” is no joke. Director and co-writer Brigitte Buc moves through Dion’s timeline with efficiency. Here, Lemercier observes the singer, whose name is Aline Dieu, transition from belted ballads to her mother (Danielle Fichaud) to ballads devoted to Svengali and her future husband (Sylvain Marcel), which are sincerely presented as her only great love. Lemercier reviews Dion’s famous outfits and interviews. 1998 Academy Awards performance The trailer for the movie “My Heart Will Go On” and as the action shifts to Dion’s Las Vegas residences, the star’s tights do a pretty good job mimicking her unpredictable dance moves.

All “Aline” needs are one point. Closest to one of these is Lemercier’s insistence that Dion is not just a larger-than-life icon, but a mortal with concerns about his children, his sleeping schedule, and his disappearance in his 40-room mansion. To that end, in a movie full of covers (perfectly voiced by Victoria Sio), Lemercier opens and closes with Robert Charlebois’ song “Ordinaire”: “I’m not a circus freak”, adding the star to the lyrics and adding: I want to be understood.”

It is rated PG-13 for notes of grace in sexual situations and language. Working time: 2 hours 8 minutes. In movie theaters.

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