Anthony Bourdain Documentary ‘Roadrunner’ Trying to Understand Him


At the time, Mr. Bourdain wrote to his friend and artist David Choe: “David, this is a crazy thing to ask, but I’m curious”, with his life-explanatory phrase “You are successful and I am successful” and I wonder: Are you happy?

In the movie, the e-mail is read from Mr. Bourdain’s voice generated by artificial intelligence technology. New Yorker.

“I know how hard it was for him to even write that email,” Mr. Choe said in the documentary, “to reach out to someone and be like, ‘Hey man, I’m not okay’.”

One of the most powerful scenes in the movie takes place in a restaurant where Mr. Bourdain sits across from musician Iggy Pop and asks him an intriguing question: “What excites you?”

“It’s really embarrassing but to be loved and really appreciate the people who gave it to me,” Iggy Pop replies.

The film concludes with Mr. Bourdain’s relationship with Ms. Argento and her involvement with the #MeToo movement. During his time in France, just before his death, he was filming with fellow chef Eric Ripert. Le Bernardin in New York. A tabloid had published pictures of Miss Argento with another man.

Friends interviewed for the film theorized about their final moments.

“We’re working hard to understand because we think it’s okay if we can,” said Karen Rinaldi, a book publisher and one of Mr. Bourdain’s friends, in the documentary. The truth is, no. I don’t think we’ve met. That’s difficult.”


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