Apple delays its return to office as the Delta variant increases.


Apple delayed its return-to-office plans for a month in response to the recent rise in coronavirus cases, fueled by the spread of the Delta variant.

The company told employees on Monday that they are now expected to return to the office by October 1, instead of early September. The company said that the date may change further depending on the spread of the virus, according to a person with knowledge on the subject.

Some employees, such as hardware manufacturers, have already returned to Apple offices. At the start of the pandemic, Apple closed most of its retail stores, but has since reopened.

Apple declined to comment further. The company had 147,000 full-time employees as of September. Bloomberg previously reported the date of return to the changed task.

Like many companies, Apple has delayed the return of its employees several times, but Delta is one of the first major companies to respond to the variant rollout.

Throughout the pandemic, Silicon Valley has been at the forefront of the remote work trend, and tech companies like Twitter and Facebook were among the first to order their employees to work from home in early 2020. Many tech companies also eventually decided to do remote work. permanent.


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