Archie Comics Brings a Queer Character to Riverdale

Riverdale world, comic book house redhead Archie Andrews and friendsIt will expand with the introduction of Eliza Khan in June.

Created by writer Tee Franklin and artist Dan Parent, the new character is queer and biracial. When Veronica’s cousin visits Harper Lodge, she meets the Riverdale gang in a summertime comic. Ah, youthful love!

“The best Archie characters are the ones you can go in and have them create some fun chaos,” Mike Pellerito, chief editor of Archie Comic Publications, said in a phone interview. “Eliza is another character you fall in love with very easily, and there’s a lot more to explain about the character besides her sexuality.”

Pellerito said that Eliza has a fuller figure, something new for Archie, and a move to have more characters that people can relate to. “Body diversity is something we don’t deal with a ton,” Pellerito said.

Eliza will make her debut with a short story in “Archie & Friends Summer Lovin’” on sale June 8, and other appearances are already in the making.

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