Baldwin Shooting Details Revealed on Affidavit

The affidavit also includes notes from an interview with cameraman Reid Russell, who stood next to Ms Hutchins and Mr Souza when the gun was fired.

Mr. Russell told the detective that he had gone out for about five minutes after returning from lunch to the set; According to the affidavit, when he returned, Mr. Baldwin, Ms. Hutchins, and Mr. Souza were preparing the scene and already “had the firearm”. Mr Russell said he wasn’t sure if the firearm had been examined because he hadn’t been there for those five minutes.

According to the affidavit, Mr. Halls took the pistol from a gray two-layer tray prepared by Mrs. Gutierrez-Reed. Mr Halls handed the gun to Mr Baldwin and shouted “cold gun”, which typically means an empty firearm on a movie set.

While setting up the scene, the crew had to reposition the camera because there was shadow. Mr. Russell said he had explained to the detective how, once the firearm was discharged, Mr. Baldwin would pull the gun out of its holster.

Mr. Russell said Mr. Baldwin was “very cautious” about firearms; In an earlier scene, Mr Russell said Mr Baldwin was trying to secure the set and was making sure no child was with him when he unloaded the gun. When Mr. Russell asked how the members of the production crew behaved while preparing the scene, “everyone seemed to be getting along,” he said.

Director Mr. Souza told the detective that when the gun was fired, the event was not filmed because the crew was preparing the scene.

After the firearm was discharged, Mr. Russell told the detective he “remembered that Joel had blood on his body and that Mrs Hutchins had spoken and said she couldn’t feel her legs”.

Graham Bowley contributed to the reporting.

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