BAM’s Fall Season Starts With Beach Opera


Brooklyn Academy of Music brings the beach to you.

Announced Thursday, the star of the fall season is a theatrical installation (pick up the aria about a boyfriend drowning in the ocean?), a surreal opera set on an enclosed pretend beach that paints a portrait of serenity sunbathing by menacing undercurrents. The production of “Sun & Sea”, which will premiere at BAM Fisher and run for two weeks before touring the country, won the top prize When he debuted in the Lithuanian pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2019. This will be the American premiere.

“It’s an incredible sight,” David Binder, BAM’s artistic director, who saw the film in Venice, said in a phone call Wednesday. “Beach dwellers pass the day when it’s all about to end.”

From a 360-degree balcony, participants will watch 13 singers and about 25 local community members pretending to be beachgoers surfing their phones, playing cards, and completing Sudoku puzzles. In Venice, lines ran along the canal and around the square to see it. In New York Times review In this installation, Joshua Barone wrote that the opera, created by filmmaker and director Rugile Barzdziukaite, writer Vaiva Grainyte, and artist and composer Lina Lapelyte, “has a chilling simplicity that seeps into your own memory and possibly your ideas.” The audience watched from above on the upstairs mezzanine of a warehouse, “as if watching animals in a zoo or creatures under a microscope,” he wrote.

“In an hour’s time with dangerously soft melodies, Barone manages to portray a panoramic cast of characters that unite in a portrait of the apocalyptic climate crisis whose stories come down as easily as a beach trip,” Barone wrote.

The fall season continues with creations from artists from Japan, Brazil and Portugal, all of which have New York premieres.

Later in September, Japanese sound artist ASUNA will perform the site-specific sound installation “100 Keyboards,” in which the same note is played and sustained simultaneously on 100 battery-operated toy keyboards arranged in a circle, creating overlapping wave waves of notes. until it culminates in what BAM calls “a single resonant resonance”.

In October, Portuguese playwright-actor Tiago Rodrigues will stage the joint theater experiment “By Heart,” in which 10 audience members are asked to memorize a poem. This will be her first performance in the US since her appointment as the next director of France’s Avignon Festival, the famous arts festival that turns the city into a giant theater every July.

“The theme is that if we can memorize words or texts, they can never be taken away, suppressed, censored or destroyed,” Binder said. “It’s so simple, but it’s also deeply political.”

This will be followed by Brazilian choreographer Alice Ripoll’s dance piece “Cria” in November. The 10-member group Suave, an all-black company made up of Ripoll and transgender artists, will mix funk, samba and breakdance with passinho, the dance craze born from Rio’s slums, in the company’s first United States performance. It is billed as an experience that “repositions the wild exuberance of adolescence.”

While BAM usually announces the fall season all at once, Binder said additional schedules will be announced gradually this year as details become final.

“I think there is a huge appetite for artistic adventures right now,” he said. “And I’m very excited to see how artists respond to this hunger.”


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