Brendan Hunt Still Surprised ‘Ted Lasso’ Is So Popular


Celebrities lined up to praise the show. Who is your favorite celebrity fan?

Barry Jenkins was pretty cool. He suddenly took to Twitter and directly said something like, “I call myself the leader of the ‘Ted Lasso’ fan club.” Me: “Barry Jenkins? Wow, that’s incredible!”

What was the most surprising thing about the show’s reception?

How much is there! We never expected this. We thought the show would be good because it had a pretty good writer’s room and we had a good time writing it. And once we were shooting, it was like, “Oh, this cast is pretty good, actually.” But it’s groundbreaking, and the fact that people aren’t just laughing at it means a lot to them – hoo boy. None of this was foreseen.

References to “Ted Lasso” are starting to appear in sports culture – Alex Morgan recently performed a Lasso dance on the court, and NBA coaches mentioned it in interviews. What is your favorite example?

The Alex Morgan dance definitely, because that really goes the extra mile. Someone sent it to me and I didn’t even recognize it at first, but I said: [in a high-pitched voice], “Oh my God!” But Coach Quin Snyder [of the Utah Jazz] Well, that’s great too, because this wasn’t a pre-season press conference; that was before a playoff game. It was a very pressing moment, but it took time to talk about our little sketch. It’s pretty cool to think about.

Are you surprised that the show is so popular among professional football players?

We worked together to shoot the second commercial for this. [the American goalie] Tim Howard. He laughed at us when we asked him if he had seen the first commercial. “Yes, we watched; we watched it very.“What?” we said. I mean, we don’t get football right – we know that. This show is written not from a place of intimate knowledge of football, but from a place of love for football. For a lot of footballers, knowing that we’re doing a lot of basic things wrong but saying they’re digging means they’re committed to his spirit, which is much more important and really cool. see.

Season 2 comes out next week. Does this add to the pressure on the Emmy shoot?

That’s what’s happening now, so we’ll just cross our fingers and hope for the best. None of the praise or praise changes anything for us because we had already heavily structured Season 2 when the show came out. We were putting the finishing touches on the scripts. I don’t think it would affect us anyway, but it didn’t have a chance to affect us. All he did was give us an extra sigh of relief by saying, “Okay, our instincts are right, we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing.”


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