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What types of injuries do you see at the beginning of the year?

It’s a new year and people are getting extra motivated, so runners will go out there and run long distances. The biggest thing we see across the board — whether it’s a seasoned runner or a new runner — is overuse injuries.

Overuse injuries can occur for many reasons. Sometimes it’s nutritional reasons, sometimes it’s a lack of strength and flexibility, but most of the time it’s related to their training program.

How should runners approach their training to avoid overuse injuries?

Programming is the most important thing. It can be very disappointing for someone when they get excited about running and then get something like a bone stress injury colloquially referred to as shin splints. So make sure it’s a staggered plan with variety.

Talk to someone who has done it before or look online for a plan It varies from week to week. Instead of just running long distances, do hill training, speed training, strength training and cross training.

What would you recommend for someone new to strength training?

We recommend a lot of one-leg work – ie lots of one-leg work. You want to work the hips and quads. Really working in a single leg capacity means jumping from one leg to the other.

Cross training is also really big. At least once a week you should rest or do some type of cross-training, such as cycling, swimming, or low-impact work.

How do you know when you’ve overcome bearable pain?

It really depends on the injury. We’re using a symptom-based model, so if you have 2 out of 10 on the pain scale, that’s a safe range, but if you find you’re just over 2, that’s a different story.

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