Cameroon’s Goalkeeper André Onana Just Wants To Play

while the club kicked out most of the foreign national players By rule, Onana’s promise was so high that he was persuaded to stay in the academy, where he was allowed to train every day, but not play in official matches. It showed the intermediate effect given to the competition. “You can train all you want, but in the end you train to play,” Onana said. “And if you don’t, it will affect you mentally and physically.”

When Onana turned 18 and qualified to play again, Barcelona recruited Marc-André ter Stegen, a promising German goalkeeper, and Claudio Bravo, who helped Chile win the Copa América. He told her that he knew his future was elsewhere.

He decided to try his luck in the Netherlands and within a year had established himself as Ajax’s No. 1 goalkeeper. He was just 19 years old.

The timing couldn’t be better. Like Barcelona, ​​Ajax had a penchant for self-trained talent, and the talents who were just starting out on their first team turned out to be the best in a generation. And Onana’s ball skills at Barcelona matched perfectly with Ajax’s style.

Success quickly followed, as were strong performances against wealthier clubs in European competitions such as the Champions League. In the summer of 2020, some of these teams started circling and offered Ajax millions for their young goalkeeper. Ajax refused to sell, confident that the price of Onana and other young stars would continue to rise.

And then, just like a few years ago, everything stopped for Onana when she tested positive for drugs. Onana appealed the one-year ban given to him and the governing body of European football accepted his statement.

But according to football’s regulations, he was still liable and thus the reduced sentence to seven months meant Onana’s de facto exclusion from football from February 2021. When his Ajax teammates lifted the trophy to celebrate a title he contributed that spring, he was not allowed into the stadium to watch.

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