Canelo Alvarez Knocked Out Caleb Factory To Join Super Middleweight

Canelo Álvarez said earlier this week that he would knock out Caleb Plant before the eighth round. He was wrong.

He knocked out Plant in the 11th round.

Canelo Álvarez became the undisputed super middleweight champion on Saturday night in Las Vegas, cementing his status as the best pound fighter in the world with a fight that’s both calculated and determined.

As usual, Álvarez started the fight slowly. He threw a few punches, but mostly waited, watched, collected data and turned up the heat at Plant.

In the 11th round, Álvarez’s would win on the judges’ scorecards and Plant’s only hope was to be knocked out. Instead, it was Álvarez who threw the left hook and then an uppercut that dropped Plant on one knee to the canvas.

Plant stood up and told the referee that he wanted to continue, but as soon as the fight resumed, Álvarez immediately jumped and slammed Plant into the ropes. He could not escape and the referee had to end the fight.

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