The subtleties of car washing


The subtleties of car washing.

Tricks to Wash Your Car

Especially in the summer and spring, we can choose to wash our cars, rather than wash them in the car wash. Although water and soap are considered sufficient to wash the car, there are some points that we should pay attention to when washing the car. If we do not pay attention to these important points, we may damage the body or coloring of our car.

Car body must not be damaged.

First of all, we must definitely choose car wash materials and soft sponges when washing our car. Washing the car with detergents in the house to avoid additional costs can lead to damage to the body and coloring of the car. In addition, it is inconvenient to wash the machine with a brush, even if it is soft. Our suggestion in this regard is to wash the car with a soft sponge.

This may seem surprising to many, but did you know what time to wash? The best time to wash the machine is in the morning or afternoon, because washing in the sun can cause stains on the machine.

You have to wash your car with warm water

When washing the machine, you must also pay attention to the temperature of the water. You can not wash the car with very cold or very hot water, it is best to use warm water to wash cars.

Wash the car in a plan frame

One of the most common mistakes is to start the process by foaming all parts of the car. The first thing to do when washing the machine is to leave water on the machine and let the dirt drain down to remove dust and dirt from the machine. After this process, you should divide the machine into 4 parts and do the washing. If you suddenly foam the entire car and then rinse it, the foam in the last place where you rinse can dry out and damage the car body or paint. For this reason, we recommend dividing your car into 4 sections: upper, 2 side and rear, as well as washing in sections.

Drying process

We recommend the use of special suede fabrics for this process. These fabrics are easy to use and do not stain your car after surgery. If you use household dust for drying, you can stain your car.

Have a clean trip!

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