Cardio Before Lifting Weights May Help Strengthen Muscles

They found them. After solo weight training, the men’s muscles were brimming with proteins and genetic markers known to help initiate muscle growth. The same substances were also abundant after training that included cycling, but combined with other proteins and gene activity associated with enhanced endurance.

In fact, after dual training, the men’s muscles looked ready to increase in both size and endurance, and there was no evidence that cycling interfered with lift at the molecular level. Instead, aerobic exercise appeared to expand and intensify the expected benefits from weight training.

“The most fascinating finding is that some of the biochemical factors evoked by leg endurance exercise can enter the bloodstream and then affect processes in an entirely different muscle group, in a way that appears to be beneficial for training adaptations in the arms,” said Dr. Moberg. it seems to be transferred to the branches to some degree.”

He also noted that men lift the same amount of weight during both arm workouts. Pedaling hard with his legs did not tire his arms.

D., a physiologist and anesthesiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn, who was not involved in the study. “The article is great,” said Michael Joyner. He added that their findings “may have predisposed the legs to greater activation of key molecular pathways in the arms,” ​​a veritable piece of brain sugar.

Of course, this study, like many similar experiments, involved only men. Dr. “However, there is no good reason to believe that the effects will be different in women,” Moberg said, adding that he and his colleagues hope to include women in future experiments with fewer biopsies. This study was also short-lived and looked at endurance exercise before weight training, not vice versa. Some past experiments suggest uninstall first has little effect, for better or worse, later in aerobic exercise. But these studies focused on the legs, so it remains to be seen if working your arms before cardio is just as beneficial as the opposite.

But above all, Dr. The conclusion of the findings is that it makes practical and physiological sense to start a workout by working your legs and lungs before moving on to upper-body lifts, Moberg said. “It can be a time-efficient and potentially useful approach,” he said.

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