Chinese Weibo Suspends Fan Accounts of BTS, Blackpink, and EXO


Agnes He, a college student in southeastern China’s Jiangsu Province, said she believes this can help rein in fan behavior that goes too far. But he was also worried about whether he could buy albums at a discounted price through group purchases organized by fan accounts.

“I’m pretty logical chasing the stars,” he said in a phone interview Monday, adding that he sees pop idols as positive and energizing influences. “It’s a personal freedom. Just because I like Korean pop idols doesn’t mean I’m not patriotic.”

K-pop fans around the world are known for their organizational prowess, with many billboards, giant LED screens, and public transport to show their support before an album release or a favorite band member’s birthday. Some have returned political activism, and others credited for helping inflate expectations for a rally By booking tickets for then-American President Donald J. Trump in Oklahoma, which they had no intention of using.

But online hordes of Korean pop music fans are running against President Xi Jinping’s sweeping agenda to clean up the entertainment industry in China. NS China Cyberspace Administration banned Ranking of celebrities by popularity. An editor also accused actress Zheng Shuang. tax evasionfined him more than $46 million and ordered publishers to stop showing content he appeared on.

BTS mocked China’s patriotic sentiments last yearPerforming under the stage name RM (formerly Rap Monster), its leader Kim Nam-joon makes a seemingly innocuous remark about the joint suffering of Americans and Koreans during the Korean War commemoration.

Chinese internet users erupted in anger, questioning why North Korea did not recognize the sacrifices of Chinese soldiers fighting alongside it. To avoid a nationalist backlash, multinational brands have cleaned up references to their collaborations with BTS on their Chinese websites and social media accounts.

This week, Chinese internet users both celebrated and criticized the suspension of their K-pop fan account. Some saw it as a necessary balm against idol worship and celebrity overspending, even going so far as to call BTS an “anti-Chinese group” and Korean pop music a form of “cultural invasion.”


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