Cleveland’s Baseball Team Will Be the Guard


After months of deliberation, Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team announced its new name would be the Guardians. The change will take effect after the current season.

Last year, the team decided to move away from the Indians it had used since 1915, as it was considered offensive to many Native Americans and others who were opposed to the use of Native nicknames and mascots for their sports teams. They followed the Washington Football Team, which dropped the “Redskins” name last year.

He will be the fifth name for the Cleveland team that started playing as the Blues in 1901. The team was known as the Bronchos for short and went to Naps in honor of Napoleon Lajoie, the team’s star player and manager from 1903 to 1914.

The club said it ran an extensive outreach program with nearly 40,000 fans to come up with the new name, and spent more than 100 hours in conversations with community members and team staff.

Its name resonates somewhat with Ohio residents who regularly cross the Cuyahoga River at the Hope Memorial Bridge. The two huge stone statues in the pan are known as the Traffic Guards and are said to be symbols of progress.

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