CNN’s Chris Cuomo has broken his silence over his brother’s scandal.


As Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s political career has been shaken, his brother, television host Chris Cuomo, remained silentHe refuses to cover the subject on his CNN show, and then a planned vacation.

On Monday, Chris Cuomo returned to prime time and spoke publicly for the first time ever about his older brother’s stunning resignation – and ethical headaches created for himself and his network.

“It was a unique situation to be the brother of a politician in the scandal and to be a part of the media,” Mr. Cuomo said in brief statements towards the end of his show at 9 PM. “I tried to do the right thing and I want you all to know that.”

He also said he gave advice. brother’s resignation as governor of New York. “Although it was something I never dreamed of doing,” he told the audience, “I called on my brother to resign when the time came.”

For CNN, the Cuomo brothers’ riddle was painful on several levels.

Chris Cuomo apologized in May appeared The governor said Andrew Cuomo advised his aides while facing sexual misconduct charges. The host promised not to discuss his brother’s troubles, but CNN kept it in the airangered some of his colleagues, who saw his role as a glaring conflict of interest.

When viewers came to watch Chris Cuomo’s nearly nightly interview with Andrew Cuomo, it didn’t help that CNN openly promoted the brothers’ on-air harmony.

On Monday’s program, Chris Cuomo said the situation with the governor’s scandal was “unlike anything I could have imagined.”

“I am not a consultant; I am a brother,” he told the audience. “I wasn’t in control of anything. I was there to listen and give my opinion. And my advice to my brother was simple and consistent: take ownership of what you do, tell people what you’re going to do to be better, regret it, and finally, accept that your intentions don’t matter. Your actions and words matter. how it is perceived.”

Chris Cuomo also faced scrutiny for the involvement of Andrew Cuomo’s aides in efforts to prevent the growing scandal. On Monday, the CNN host said: “I have never attacked any prominent woman or encouraged anyone to attack. I never made any calls to the press about my brother’s condition. I have never tried to influence or control CNN’s coverage of my family.”

He said he did not plan to comment further. “This will be my last word on the matter,” the host said before cutting the ad. “Let’s take a break. We’ll be right back.”


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