Comic or Graphic Shows A Stark Cleavage About Abortion Surface

A advertiser for “Oh Gosnell” said that the game’s creation was inspired by Leiby’s hilarious monologue. “They’re laughing at this – we’re telling the truth about it,” the game’s website now says, “Oh Gosnell: A Show About the Truth.”

Written by Phelim McAleer, who has been accepted to IMDB as the producer of the still unreleased movie “My Son Hunter,” starring Laurence Fox as Hunter Biden. Dean Cain, starring in The New York Post specification as a game that premiered on YouTube. Among other games “Ferguson”, about the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown.

Of course, laughter and truth are not mutually exclusive, even if McAleer, a right-wing provocateur whose program biography calls himself “a veteran investigative journalist,” suggests otherwise.

As for conveying any general facts about abortion, rather than specific facts about the grisly case of Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia doctor. Convicted of first degree murder in 2013 to kill three babies after failed late-term abortions – not so. Nor is it built to persuade.

Simply titled “Gosnell,” the play’s script says it was “compiled verbatim from grand jury and criminal trial transcripts” in the Gosnell trial. In a backup, somewhat dark scene reading directed by David Atkinson, it features a seven-member cast that includes a charming young actor named Kaché Attyana, who I hope will do a better job soon.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the first thing I want you to make sure of is that this is not an abortion case,” says a prosecutor (Roxanne Bonifield) near the climax of the show.

He repeats this claim for emphasis. Maybe McAleer, who co-wrote a book on the Gosnell case and produced and co-wrote the 2018 movie “Gosnell: The Case of America’s Greatest Serial Killer,” hasn’t heard of him?

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