Coworking Spaces Are Back. And There Are Many, Many Options.


Bea Arthur, a mental health counselor, joined The Wing four years ago and recently returned. “I’m a tough girl, I was like ‘nothing, ‘all pink’,” said Ms. Arthur of her initial hesitation to become a member. “But they nailed the weather. There is so much variety. I am very happy that he is back.” Her biggest surprise when she returns? There are more men working there.

Ms. Kasan said Kanat is dedicated to “an expanded cultural code”.

Many New Yorkers choose not to deal with workplace culture at all. “There’s no better gift than being left alone,” said author Matt Gallagher. labyrinthIn Williamsburg, you have people like Mr. Gallagher on your mind. The founder, Lyon Aung and his partners, all recent college graduates, with dreams of becoming new entrepreneurs, saw that working together in cafes was not sustainable. They also “didn’t give a good vibe” with more commercial co-working spaces like WeWork, Mr. Aung said. The trio came up with the idea of ​​individual compartments that can be unlocked and rented hourly via users’ smartphones.

Mr Gallagher discovered labyrinth when he came to his senses last fall, working at home with two children and a wife as a distance teacher in elementary school. “Having a fake office where I can go any time I want has been great for my work-life balance,” he said after the morning shift, lunch, and family time at the capsule. “I need space to get out of the real world, to get lost in my head and get lost in what’s going on between me and the Word document.”

Before the pandemic, hotels that offer business day rentals, while many New Yorkers are emerging with office alternatives anywhere but home. Restaurants also started to hold on to the concept.

Last fall, restaurateur Moshe Schulman started Working from Kindredinvited people to use the East Village restaurant’s Wi-Fi, coffee, outlets, and bathroom ($25 a day) from 9 to 5 on weekdays. Once a week. The program took a break for the winter and continued in May with the introduction of an outdoor extension. A team that met there recently used plastic safety barriers as an impromptu drawing board to post sticky notes with marketing ideas. Strangely enough, collaborator ‘regulars’ reserve their seats using the restaurant reservation service resi.


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