Delays, More Masks and Forced Shots: Virus Wave Outages


He didn’t respond, but days later, Apple released an internal video in which company executives doubled down on bringing workers back to the office. In the video, he helped lead Apple’s digital health division, Dr. Sumbul Desai encouraged workers to get vaccinated, but did not say it would be necessary, according to an article viewed by The Times.

The video did not go well for some employees.

“Okay, you want me to risk my life to get back to the office, which will reduce my productivity, and you don’t give me any reasoning as to why I should do that?” said Ashley Gjovik, a senior engineering program manager.

When the company delayed the return-to-office date on Monday, a group of employees drafted a new letter proposing a one-year pilot program where people could work from home full-time if they wanted to. The letter said an informal survey of more than 1,000 Apple employees showed that roughly two-thirds would question their future at the company if they needed to return to the office.

Endeavor, the parent company of the William Morris Endeavor talent agency in Los Angeles, reopened its Beverly Hills headquarters this month. But last week it decided to close again. district re-imposed closed mask duty in the face of increasing number of cases. An Endeavor spokesperson said the company had decided it would be too difficult to implement and would hamper group meetings.

Employment website Indeed was targeting September 7 as the date it would start bringing workers back on a hybrid basis. Paul Wolfe, the company’s senior vice president of human resources, said it’s now starting to reconsider those plans “due to the Delta variant.”

Some companies said the recent increase in cases has yet to affect their return-to-office planning. Facebook still plans to reopen at 50 percent capacity by early September. IBM plans to open its US offices in early September, fully vaccinated employees can walk around without masks, and gas company Royal Dutch Shell is gradually lifting restrictions at its Houston offices, encouraging more employees to send back.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise began allowing employees to return to their offices Monday, backed by a survey that found 94 percent of California employees were fully vaccinated.


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