Democrats Raise $3.5 Trillion to Fulfill Biden’s Broad Budget


Senator Joe Manchin III, a centrist Democrat from West Virginia, whose support may be decisive, told reporters after lunch with the president that he had concerns about some of the climate language. But he did not rule out supporting the budget proposal or the subsequent package. Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Cinema and another key moderate were also delayed Wednesday.

Yet the $3.5 trillion package contained much to appeal to veteran Democrats who have long been willing to use it to further their priorities. For Senator Patty Murray of Washington, chair of the Health, Education, Work and Pensions Committee, this was an extension of a more generous child tax credit, as well as subsidies for childcare, kindergarten, and paid family leave.

For Mr. Sanders, it was Medicare and climate provisions.

“Eventually, we will put America in a position to lead the world in the fight against climate change,” he said.

Mr. Tester said the need for school construction was so high that trillions could go into it alone.

“The plan is a strong first step,” said Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, adding that it’s focused on funding universal childcare. “We are splitting the money now to find the right ways to make it happen.”

The budget measure is expected to include language that forbids tax increases on small businesses, farms and people earning less than $400,000, fulfilling a promise Mr Biden made throughout the negotiations. When asked on Wednesday whether the proposed carbon tariff would violate that commitment, Mr Wyden replied, “We haven’t heard that argument.”

Lisa Friedman and Nicholas Fandos contributing reporting.


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