Deshaun Watson’s Strange First Day at Boot Camp

Texans did not immediately comply with Watson’s trade request a few months ago, and then in March and April flood of court: total of 23 (22 active). According to ESPN, at least 10 criminal complaints have been filed with the Houston Police Department. Lawsuits and complaints accused Watson of immoral behavior regarding women hired to provide personal services such as massages.

As lawsuits escalated, he didn’t participate in the Texans’ off-season schedule. Watson’s only apparent incentive in reporting to the team on Wednesday was that he was not fined $50,000 for lost days. Once upon a time, the Texans’ quarterback quarterback didn’t take first or second or third team reps.

Watson was not disclosed to the news media on Wednesday.

“It wasn’t really a distraction and I don’t think it would be a distraction,” said the team’s general manager, Nick Caserio.

“It wasn’t a surprise,” Culley said of Watson’s decision to report, “so business as usual.”

Everyone in football let Wednesday be a normal day. The NFL did not put Watson on the commissioner’s exempt list, a paid suspension for players investigated by the league for conduct violations. So he joined the front row quarterbacks in the stretch and passed the ball safety drills and got down on one knee with his helmet on the ground, hoodie pulled tight, no one around. The NFL has yet to meet with many involved parties in civil litigation and has allowed him to participate in all club activities unrestricted while the league continues to investigate Watson.

“Of course every team in the league is dealing with different things,” said Caserio, “so we’re no different.”

Not at all, which explains why some players are so happy to discuss Watson’s plight.

“I don’t answer these questions,” said buyer Brandin Cooks.

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