Disney+ reaches 116 million subscribers and parks section


An adolescent sea monster, Marvel’s god of mischief, and Cruella de Vil helped Disney’s flagship streaming service attract 12.4 million new subscribers between April and June, more than Wall Street had expected.

Disney+ ended the last quarter with 116 million subscribers worldwide, the company reported on Thursday. Analysts had expected a figure between 112 million and 115 million. The most popular offers on Disney+ “Luke”, an original Pixar movie; superhero series”Loki“starring Tom Hiddleston; and live-action movie”Cruella,” with Emma Stone takes over as the classic Disney villain.

The third quarter of Disney’s fiscal year was notable for another reason: Disney Parks, Experiences and Products rose to profits ($356 million) after four consecutive losing quarters ($3.6 billion total). The availability of coronavirus vaccines has prompted families to return to large numbers of families. Walt Disney World in Florida. Disneyland In California, it reopened on April 30 for the first time in 14 months, although state regulators initially limited capacity to 25 percent, a restriction that has since been lifted.

Disney largest entertainment company in the worldWith operations that include the ABC broadcast network, ESPN, cruise holidays, stage musicals, book publishing and the Disney Store chain. But investor enthusiasm for broadcasting has, in some ways, made Disney a single business venture: At least for now, as Disney+ is going, so is the entire company.

In its first year, Disney+ grew much faster than even Disney expected, surpassing its five-year subscriber target in just nine months. The pandemic was an accelerator as families sought ways to entertain themselves at home. But growth has slowed Between January and March — Disney+ added 8.7 million subscribers during this period, and Wall Street was hoping for more than 14 million — raising concerns about streaming service fatigue and leading to a plunge in Disney stock.

The company’s stock price rose more than 5 percent in after-hours trading on Thursday.

Disney recorded $4.3 billion in total streaming revenue for the quarter, up 57 percent from a year ago. In the United States, the monthly price of a Disney+ subscription increased by $1 to $8 at the end of March. Disney+ also made tens of millions of dollars from “Cruella,” which was made available to subscribers in May – at the same time the movie hit theaters – for an additional $30. hulu, Disney took full ownership in 2019benefited from higher ad revenue and subscriber growth.

Disney said Hulu has nearly 42.8 million subscribers, up 21 percent from last year. Nearly 15 million people pay for access to the company’s ESPN+ platform, up 75 percent from the same period last year.

But building a portfolio of streaming services is very expensive. Various costs (content production, marketing, technology infrastructure) caused Disney’s publishing unit to lose about $300 million. Still, the division lost twice that amount in the same period a year ago.


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