Dutch Authorities Say Athletes Aren’t Allowed to Isolate


The two officials said at a press conference on Tuesday that the Dutch delegation was not satisfied with the quarantine conditions of those who tested positive for the coronavirus. They said they would raise their concerns to the International Olympic Committee and the Dutch ambassador in Japan.

They said six members of the Dutch delegation, including at least two athletes, had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Dutch Olympic Committee coach Maurits Hendriks said they “lost their Olympic dreams and then suffer terrible conditions”, adding that those who were quarantined were “not allowed to see the light of day for a moment”. He called his rooms “little boxes”.

Part of the Dutch delegation left the Netherlands. Tokyo On a KLM flight on 17 July Dutch publisher NOS. According to officials, there were few coronavirus precautions at the time, but people tested positive regardless.

“So you ask yourself, where do you get infected? Before leaving, at the airport, on the plane, but also on arrival in Japan,” said Mr. Hendriks.

Mr. Hendriks told NOS that he had been asking the Olympic organizers for months what the protocols would be in this situation. “We would have liked to know about this in advance so we could do something about it,” he said.

By Olympic playbooksAthletes with positive PCR tests will be isolated in designated facilities, although the location and length of isolation will vary depending on the severity of the case. An IOC official said in an email that Japan’s health authorities required a 10-day quarantine at facilities outside the Olympic Village and multiple negative PCR tests before discharge.


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