Extra Prep Time Helps for TV Times Reporters


“If there is a major shooting and the Justice Department considers it a possible hate crime, the public should probably know what constitutes a hate crime,” he said. “Are they rising? Do we see a trend? If anyone else can handle this, great. If not, I want to make sure it’s told.”

Ms. Karni said the best way for reporters to learn how to present their work to a television audience is to do it over and over, but first-time guests are not entirely on their own. The Times’ communications department offers media training, including mock interviews, for its reporters. One of the things Ms. Karni said that surprised her when she started appearing on television was the fluency and repetition required when summarizing the news.

“You want to find one or two things you want the audience to know and really highlight them,” he said. “Even if that’s not exactly the answer to your question, it’s better than trying to think on your own feet.”

Ms. Karni said that even when a reporter was on camera for only five minutes, the time it took to get on TV was not too short. In addition to commuting to the studio (i.e. during regular times), reporters must keep up with all the news of the day, not just their particular stories. This may be the hardest part, Ms. Karni said: The ability to spin around and be prepared to talk about any pressing issue after a 15-minute binge session in the car.

But journalists have been seen from afar since March 2020, which allows them to devote more than 10 minutes instead of two hours. And reporters can show up late at night on shows like “Nightline” without worrying about making a late car ride home.

“It has been a whole new world since the pandemic,” Ms Karni said. “I bought a ring light for my bedroom, did my own makeup, and everything was so much faster.”

Ms. Benner agreed, but said she was missing a big advantage: the hair and makeup team.

“I don’t really wear makeup normally but they make you look amazing,” she said. “They’re also the funniest people and always make me laugh.”


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