Famous Orchestra Conductor Explains Brain Tumor, Withdraws From Concerts


Celebrity conductor Michael Tilson Thomas announced on Friday that he will be withdrawing from performances for the next few months as he recovers from surgery to treat a brain tumor.

Thomas, 76, former music director of the San Francisco Symphony, said in a statement that he will be taking a hiatus until October as he is undergoing treatment. He said doctors had recently discovered the tumor and recommended that he have surgery immediately. He described the surgery, which was performed at the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center, as successful.

“I deeply regret missing out on projects that I was largely anticipating,” Thomas said in a statement. “I look forward to seeing everyone again in November.”

Thomas, an eminent name in the music industry known by the pseudonym MTT, took a step back as music director of the San Francisco Symphony last year. He has been in this position since 1995 and is widely respected. conversion The ensemble has become one of the best in the nation and supports the works of modern American composers.

Thomas said in a statement that in addition to a star-studded concert with the National Symphony Orchestra in September to mark the Kennedy Center’s 50th anniversary, he has canceled performances with the New World Symphony, an educational orchestra for young artists he has helped in Miami. to create; the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, where Beethoven and Copland will conduct “Agnegram” with works; and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


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