FDA Vaccine Approval May Lead to More Institutional Mandatory


When the Food and Drug Administration full approval given With Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus footage for people 16 and older on Monday, President Biden caught the moment.

“If you’re a business leader, a nonprofit leader, a state or local leader awaiting full FDA approval to mandate vaccines, I urge you to do that now,” said the president. “Need it.”

FDA approval gives companies more protection to enforce vaccine mandates and gives industry groups more ground to lobby with local authorities. DealBook newsletter reports. Some states have taken action to block vaccination missions. For example, the governor of Arizona, issued an order banning the coronavirus vaccine as a requirement for employment.

These actions made it difficult for companies with large national footprints to impose general powers. Some have stepped back Like the Norwegian Cruise Line in Florida, but most stayed out of the fight.

Companies that need a vaccine are finding increasing support.

“Many companies have made the decision to require vaccinations for some or all of their employees, and we applaud their decision,” the Business Roundtable, a lobby group, said Monday. “We also encourage policymakers, including at the state and local levels, to support, not hinder, companies’ ability to make such a decision.”

More public sector employers are introducing powers that make it easier for private employers to make similar moves. New York said it would take all 148,000 employees Provincial Directorate of National Education will be vaccinated. The Pentagon demands it 1.4 million service members get the shoot by the middle of next month.

Some of the latest corporate entitlements are:

  • strip mandatory vaccinations for expatriates and employees traveling internationally, as well as for the offshore workforce and some ground support personnel in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • CVS Health says its pharmacists have until November 30 to be fully vaccinated, while others who interact with patients and all company employees have until October 31. The mandate covers about 100,000 employees.

  • Disney World said unions representing more than 30,000 employees agreed to the deal. a taskCiting the FDA’s full approval, it will require workers to be vaccinated by October 22.

Guidelines may be the only way to significantly increase vaccination rates, gave continued hesitation about the shot. A last survey It found that three out of 10 unvaccinated people said they were more likely to receive a fully approved FDA vaccine, although some experts believe this figure may be an exaggeration.

More regulatory action is coming. Moderna’s application for full approval of its vaccine was made in June, a month after Pfizer. Johnson & Johnson is expected to apply for full approval soon. And the FDA is weighing in Whether supporting shots are allowed For those who are fully vaccinated, it’s another twist on institutional vaccination mandates.


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