First Play to Return to Broadway Does Things Differently


This section contains strong language.

by Antoinette Nwandupass over“She made her Broadway debut this week. Based on “Waiting for Godot” and the Book of Exodus, follows two Black men stranded in a city block – both out of existential fear and fear of being killed by the police.

However, Broadway viewers won’t be able to see the game’s original ending, which includes the death of one of the main characters.

“I didn’t want to work on a play that ended with the murder of a Black man anymore,” Nwandu said, rewriting the final scene. “I want to focus on life.”

Nwandu’s game Broadway debut For the first time since theaters closed their doors in March 2020 and a coalition of colorful theater artists requested change From the theater ecosystem in America.

Nwandu spoke personally with theater reporter Michael Paulson about the changes he brought to theater and his hopes for the industry. grappling with the pandemic – as the curtains rise again.


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