Four Shots Outside the National Stadium in Washington


Police said four people were shot dead outside Washington’s Nationals Park during a baseball game between the Washington Nationals and San Diego Padres on Saturday night, forcing fans from the stands and players to drive their relatives to safety at a crime scene. fear and confusion.

Police said they were investigating the shooting and there were no continuing threats. Police did not immediately release information about the victims’ condition, but said two of them entered hospitals for treatment.

Citizens said: a statement on twitter Fans were encouraged to leave the baseball field through the midfield and right field gates.

The game was stopped in the middle of the sixth half by the Padres’ 8-4 lead. Team officials explained the match to be continued It is Sunday afternoon and the teams would play their regularly scheduled matches later on Sunday.

“A shooting was reported outside the Third Base Gate in National Park,” the citizens said.

“We are working with law enforcement to provide more information as soon as it becomes available,” the team said.

The fans in the match heard gunshots coming from the third base of the stadium at halftime. Many were confused and the players left the field. Many fans tried to leave.

“Please stay calm and stay inside the stadium,” said the announcement made over the stadium loudspeaker.

When the fans were allowed to leave, the fans left the stadium.

The subway platform at Navy Yard station was packed with fans, as it usually is after a game, but the crowd was quieter than usual and many people were sharing memories of what they had heard.

Transit police urged supporters to spread out along the length of the platform to board oncoming trains.

Amy Fiscus and David Waldstein contributing reporting.


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