Fox News Spreads Covid Vaccine Despite Outbreaks


While two of Fox News’ leading presenters and their guests questioned vaccine studies, the channel also produced its own news. vaccine PSA, a 30-second commercial featuring host and presenter Steve Doocy, Harris Faulkner, Dana Perino, and John Roberts. “Get vaccinated if possible,” says Ms. Faulkner in the ad.

Bret Baier, Fox News’ chief political anchor, said: Instagram post He said he was “grateful” for the shot. In May, the hosts of “Fox & Friends” talked live about their “relaxation” about getting vaccinated. And Ms. Faulkner hosted a prime-time special in February, aimed in part to “debunk common myths” about the vaccine.

Prime-time Fox News host Sean Hannity, who left behind Mr. Carlson, who was in the ratings race during the Trump years, said in an episode of “Hannity” published in May that he plans to get the Covid-19 vaccine. “I believe in science and I believe in vaccines,” he said.

“Talk to your doctor,” he continued. “You don’t need to talk to people who aren’t doctors on TV and radio.”

Miss Ingraham was more skeptical. Last week she accused the media of exaggerating the threat of COVID-19 to children and frequently refusing to discuss it. adverse reactions Although linked to vaccines, such outcomes closed by New York Times, Washington post, CNN and other outputs.

“Despite everything the experts are wrong or lying, they think parents should trust them and inject their children with an experimental drug almost to prevent a disease. none of those kids will ever get sick,” she said on her schedule. Ms Ingraham did not disclose whether she had received a Covid vaccine.

as children less likely Developing serious illness from Covid-19, data The American Academy of Pediatrics has shown that more than four million children have tested positive for the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, more than 16,500 have been hospitalized, and more than 300 have died in the United States.


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