German Gymnasts Wear Unitards to Counter ‘Sexualisation’.


They were sending a message to the country’s gymnastics federation when four members of the German women’s gymnastics team walked to the arena Sunday evening wearing shiny ankle-length tracksuits. has characterized as “against sexualization in gymnastics”.

The Germans competed in long-legged units at the European championships in April, unlike the one-piece leotards common in women’s gymnastics. Meanwhile, a team member Elisabeth SeitzHe said the selection sets an example for “all gymnasts who feel uncomfortable and even sexualized in regular suits.”

“Every gymnast should be able to decide which type of suit she’s most comfortable in,” added Seitz, 27.

There is no rule against unitaries in women’s gymnastics, and some athletes wear them for religious reasons. Men typically compete with tank tops and looser trousers, and many women prefer to train in shorts rather than bikini-cut swimsuits.


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