Grammy Snubs and Surprises: Kacey Musgraves, Jon Batiste and Abba

Rather than taking the members’ top votes and considering them and still making their own final decisions about the candidates, the Recording Academy says these choices are naive: Whoever gets the most votes from their music industry peers. It appears in the last vote.

Do you see that reflected here? In my opinion, it’s Carlile who set the record for the year nominations for two songs, including a duet with wide name recognition and lasting industry connections and respect – Bieber, Abba, perhaps even Alicia Keys. At the same time, secret committees out It’s kind of like Lady Gaga and Bennett’s “Love for Sale” because it’s so stereotypically the Old and Stuffy Grammys – the kind of thing that feels like they’re pulling away from them in recent history.

karamanika I won’t lie: My heart pounded a little irregularly (and alarmingly) when I read the first name in the first category, the record of the year: Abba. Now look, just like the next self, I get proud at weddings and honor anyone whose albums are in my family’s record collection. But this new Abba music is thin, thin, thin. It exists primarily as an advertisement for old Abba music and the band’s The avatar-led stage show will kick off next year.

PARELES This is frankly one of the Grammys late, better-than-ever nominees. Abba never won a top-notch Grammy; This nomination is an apology.

By the way, I was surprised that Arooj Aftab was featured in the best new artist category. A Pakistani musician, educated at the Berklee School of Music and living in Brooklyn, mixes South Asian music, jazz and chamber music; Some songs on the (third) album, “The Vulture Prince” It has the words of Rumi, the 13th-century Iranian mystical poet who probably caught the attention of the Grammys. It’s a good album, but I didn’t expect to see its name next to Rodrigo and Saweetie. Farsi aside, there’s still a language barrier for Grammy voters in this category; Where are the blockbusters like Rauw Alejandro, whose debut album was released last November?

COSCARELLI The best new artist is confusing, especially with consideration from nominating committees. Enough people knew about Aftab, Baby Keem and Japanese Breakfast to put them before Polo G, Tems, Jack Harlow and Maneskin for example (shake)?

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