Hotel and Airline Reservations for Business Travel Hesitant Continue


“I may be optimistic,” he added, “but I hope that vaccine progress will increase dramatically over the next 60 to 90 days, and that the fourth quarter and early 2022 will still be quite strong.”

Mr. Graf is one of the few who believe that mixed professional events involving both face-to-face and virtual participation will disappear in the long run. Hybrid events are “not that efficient,” he said. “They’re more expensive and complex than just virtual or just face-to-face. And people have virtual fatigue.”

Deloitte’s US hospitality industry leader, Peter Caputo, agreed that networking is “often invaluable” and difficult to replace in virtual ways. But he said certain types of activities, such as educational programming, can be successful online.

Business trips are starting to make a comeback this summer. Delta Air Lines “is starting to see a comeback in consulting and sales-related travel and higher volumes in traditionally business-heavy markets such as New York City and Boston,” the airline’s president, Glen Hauenstein, said in a statement in mid-July.

Both American and United Airlines reported an increase in business travel and said they expect it to continue to rise this year.

“Most of our corporate accounts shared the expectation that travel will increase towards the fall, and we expect a full business travel recovery in 2022,” said Rachel Warner., An American spokesperson said last week.

After an influx of leisure travelers this summer, hotels said they’re starting to get more bookings for business travel in the fall. Frank Passanante, Senior Vice President of Hilton Worldwide Sales, Americas, said that before the pandemic, 20 percent of Hilton’s revenue was from all types of groups and events, including social events, and about 55 percent was from individual business travelers.


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