How Facebook Relies on Accenture to Clean Up Toxic Content


In 2010, Accenture signed an accounting contract with Facebook. By 2012, this had expanded to include an agreement to moderate content, specifically outside the United States.

Two former Facebook employees who took part in the trip said that year, Facebook sent Accenture employees to Manila and Warsaw to train them to rank posts. Accenture employees were taught to use a Facebook software system and the platform’s guidelines to leave content open, remove, or upgrade for review.

What started as a few dozen Accenture moderators quickly grew.

Former employees said that by 2015, Accenture’s San Francisco Bay Area office had set up a team code-named Honey Badger just for Facebook’s needs. Accenture provided around 300 employees in 2015, while in 2016 it grew to about 3,000. They are a mix of full-time employees and contractors, depending on the location and role.

Executives said the firm soon turned its work with Facebook into moderation agreements with YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and others. (The digital content moderation industry is projected to reach $8.8 billion next year. Everest Group, roughly double the 2020 total.) Facebook has also awarded Accenture contracts in areas such as checking for fake or duplicate user accounts and monitoring to make sure they don’t abuse celebrity and brand accounts.

After federal officials discovered it in 2016 Russian agents used Facebook To spread divisive messages to American voters for the presidential election, the company increased the number of moderators. It said it would hire more than 3,000 people to oversee the platform, on top of the 4,500 it already has.

“If we’re going to build a safe community, we need to respond quickly,” Zuckerberg said in 2017. Message.

The following year, Facebook hired Arun Chandra, a former Hewlett Packard Enterprise executive, as vice president of scale operations to help oversee the relationship with Accenture and others. His department is overseen by Ms. Sandberg.


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