How Much Watch Time Do You Have This Weekend?


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‘Ted Lasso’

When to watch: Season 2 kicks off on Apple TV+ on Friday.

Thank God, Season 2 of “Ted Lasso” is finally here. Jason Sudeikis stars as a good-natured American football coach, a football coach in England, and while his humility and optimism initially ridiculed him, damn if he doesn’t win everyone over. Some subplots this season reveal the inevitable, and the show’s attempts at political stories sound naive at best. But “Ted Lasso” remains one of the easiest shows to love, a happy and dynamic treat. It’s hot and silly, but not stupid, and most episodes are over 30 minutes long, adding to the show’s sparse mood. New episodes are coming on Fridays.

‘Icon: Music Through the Lens’
When to watch: It airs on PBS at 9pm on Friday. (Check local listings.)

Launched last week, this engaging six-part documentary about music photography (Part 1 is available on PBS’s app and website) brings together the excitement of the behind-the-scenes story, the juiciness of the behind-the-scenes story, and the inherent events. specialty attractiveness. This week’s “On the Road” episode focuses on the tours and the photographers involved discuss the technical and emotional aspects of their work. Pop has changed, rock has changed, the live music industry has changed, cameras have changed, society’s relationship with photography has changed, the media has changed, fame has changed but passion is passion.

‘Tig Notaro: Drawn’
When to watch: It’s on HBO on Saturday at 10pm.

Comedian Tig Notaro’s new stand-up special has her own understated narration and casual candor. However, “Drawn” is fully animated rather than a traditional filmed theatrical performance. Each episode of Notaro’s play gets a different visual treatment, so some episodes look like an animated children’s show, while others have a more grounded style. A good stand-up creates its own little, fleeting reality, and the more faithfully the animation follows Notaro’s material, the more impactful and lively it feels in the moment.


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