How Much Watch Time Do You Have This Weekend?


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‘Wicked in Concert: A Musical Celebration’
When to watch: Sunday at 9 p.m. on PBS. (Check local listings.)

This new special episode is only for the super ‘Wicked’ fans because despite a few good performances there is a surprising inertia to this ‘celebration’. Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth provide bland, talking-headed intros to each trick, but they don’t actually appear or even perform together—”For Good” was filmed in 2016. As we get closer to the movie “Wicked”, let this remind everyone involved that simply doing a good job on the songs is not enough.

‘Ben & Jerry’s: Clash of Cones’
When to watch: Now on Discovery+.

An important rule of the cooking contest shows: Never use the ice cream maker. It’s a meticulous kiss of death, a time-sucking kryptonite. So a show dedicated to making ice cream is a bit like dancing with the devil. But “Clash of the Cones,” where contestants compete to create flavors of Ben & Jerry’s, is overwhelmingly benign, with almost no swirl of danger—just delicious-sounding flavors, well-crafted challenges, and reviews that include: “From my heaped experience. going away.” If you like “The Great British Baking Show” try this. New episodes air on the Food Network on Mondays.

‘After Autopsy: Nobody Dies in Skarnes’
When to watch: From now on Netflix.

The occasional poppy tone of this Norwegian drama (Norwegian with subtitles or dubbed with an English accent) makes it look like a dazzling comedy, but there’s a dark and violent element here too. Live (Kathrine Thorborg Johansen) roared from death right at the start of her own autopsy, and suddenly her hearing became incredibly sensitive and she also had a frenzied thirst for blood. Being undead has its pros and cons, but if, like Live, your family runs the local funeral home, an epidemic of immortality is bad for business. “Mortem” has six gripping episodes, and if not for those whose brutality is easy to utter, what’s even sadder is that it has the loudest eating sounds of anything I’ve ever watched.


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