How Much Watch Time Do You Have This Weekend?


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‘Naomi Osaka’
When to watch: Coming on friday Netflix.

“Did you think I would have done more when I was 22?” tennis star Naomi Osaka mutters to her mother. “Or do you think this is acceptable?” A moment later, while she is cooking uncomfortably, a birthday cake is placed in front of her. One of the most impressive scenes I’ve ever seen in a sports documentary. Sure, there are solid workout mounts and glimpses of unusual gym gadgets too (the highlight of all sports documentation), but the focus of this new three-part miniseries is strictly on the psychological aspects of the Osaka game rather than athletic. those.

‘SurrealReal Estate’
When to watch: On Syfy at 10pm on Friday.

If you missed “Wynonna Earp” or watched more than two episodes of “Bones” in a row, or if you’re obsessed with “Evil” and need to scratch that itch more than once a week, give this a try. new fear procedure. Tim Rozon plays a mystical real estate agent with his band of jovial weirdos, made up of ghosts, demons, and various terrifying creatures, as other agents stage furniture. The show exudes mid-budget Canadianness, the perfect vibe for a summer show: excitement and chills, some romance, a few good jokes, a few crappy jokes, some great hair, a thoughtful dude with a sad back story, a savvy lady a different sad back with the story and secondary characters that are very extra.

‘I Never Was’
When to watch: From now on Netflix.

Season 2 of this awesome teen-adult series created by Lang Fisher and Mindy Kaling is now airing, and high school student Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) has her hands full: She suddenly has two guys taking care of her, both of them huge success and a huge headache. Everything good about Season 1 is here, especially John McEnroe’s playful narration, Poorna Jagannathan’s performance as Devi’s recently widowed mother, and the show’s overall sense of humor is as good or better. Everything that wasn’t so successful—namely how Devi’s BFFs looked like they were from a different show—did a little worse.


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