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Investigative journalist Ronan Farrow took a deep dive recently. Britney Spears conservatism case With Jia Tolentino, she’s not often described as comfortable for The New Yorker. But it certainly looks that way these days. “I think the phrase you’re looking for is a ’90s boy band,” said Mr. Farrow, regarding growing his hair, which is usually combed to the State Department’s length. “It wasn’t the intention, but it looks like the result.”

The boy band locks aside, Mr. Farrow has been totally into business lately and has been producing various remix projects, including the HBO documentary series.Catch and Kill: Podcast Tapes” (based on his podcast and book of the same name), will premiere on Monday. And last month Mr. Farrow said, “War Against Peace“2018 book on the decline of American diplomacy. The book is dedicated to her mother, actress Mia Farrow, with whom Mr. Farrow and his fiancee, podcaster Jonathan Lovett, lived together for six months in Connecticut during the pandemic.

Now back in town, 33-year-old Mr. Farrow is setting up his new Lower East Side apartment, which he sometimes shares with Mr. Lovett, 38, who has come and gone from Los Angeles. “Geography is an ongoing negotiation,” said Mr Farrow.

FISH IS A THING Unless I’m making crazy reporting calls until 3am, as is sometimes the case on Saturday night, I usually take a late morning walk to this food court near me and grab the worst smoked fish possible, ideally prepared with some Scandinavian recipe that requires it to be stored under a rock for six months . This is my jam.

THANKS MAMA The standard, any time of the day snack, I grew up with cottage cheese. King Oscar shiny sardines. They are smaller than the non-brisling variety. I inherited some weird snacking preferences from my mother. So I still do this when trying to report things. It drives Jonathan crazy.

TOLSTOY DOSE Even if I’m not on the business side, the schedule stays the same on weekends. The biggest difference: Crazy text is replaced by reading and video games. I love video games, big nerd here. I read it on my phone. Even though it requires such a little upfront planning for a tablet, I don’t have the foresight. Normally I buy the Audible package, sync and try to quell waves of panic in key areas where I can’t read better. The last one is “Ahhh, I hardly read any Russian literature!” It was like. Still, along these lines, I was a Kafka freak as a teenager. I’m now halfway through reading “Anna Karenina” by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Which is long.

SCENE CHANGE I had always been a city boy. Five years in the Upper West, then on that 10th Street, just above Hell’s Kitchen when I was there. newsreader and it had to be at the Rock Center in Midtown. My flat was in the section of car dealerships. Now I’m setting up my relatively new flat and exploring the refreshing Lower East Side, which is very young and somewhat flat and brash, which is interesting. Still, I thought it was time to change the landscape.

ACADEMIC CHIC My first instinct when I start decorating a new place is something like a dusty professor’s workshop. It took me seven years, but I did my PhD. from Oxford. Which is just this incredible place; You will never forget that you were at Hogwarts. And my dorm room had a view of the botanical gardens with the plot-important bench.Dark Supplies

The thing is, I seem to come out of the aforementioned experiences loving dusty old libraries. Jonathan saw these antique astrolabes, books, diagrams, and maps that I had put together and said, “This looks like a Victorian explorer’s hut. Why?” “Gays live here, make this place gayer,” he adds. Late concessions: a velvety indigo sofa instead of a brown motorcycle leather sofa; where a map fell, a Jonathan Adler sequined rainbow rose.

MATERIAL KIDS A photo that definitely rises in this new apartment: 8 x 10 inches The shimmering image of Madonna with her full cleavage was accompanied by a letter she sent me when she was 6 years old. A movie My mom and I taught me to put down fishnet stockings, so I learned that I am not straight. At this point she had not yet had children and clearly wanted children.

FROM FRAGILE FISH TO RAW EGGS These days, I put off business and law school folks who might be hanging out with me longer by ordering nutty cocktails with just about any frothy eggs. especially Raines Law Room Near Flatiron, they can make a historic citrus drink that comes with a glass of egg yolk and Cholula on the side. Maybe it’s gin-based, but it’s the egg that matters.

LIQUID PROTEIN In my defense, I often did my smart gym thing at home and then ran straight to Raines without having dinner, so having a whole egg in someone’s drink feels like a productivity. A compromise measure.

GAME ON Honestly, the video game thing is real. I mostly play when I’m not reading from my phone. Especially right before bed. I’m finishing right now Disco Elysium, this detailed role-playing game set in the Soviet setting of the 70s. I also like Mario Kart.

REQUESTS, SATISFIED But when in deadline mode, Jonathan says I draw from bed every hour on my particularly noisy MacBook keyboard. I place a lot of delivery orders, especially on Sunday nights. Last Sunday, I searched for a large beetroot juice and gravy chicken wings on UberEats, which arrived around midnight. Eventually, I’ll sleep, like, four hours, from dawn to late morning.

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