How to Watch USA vs France Men’s Basketball Gold Medal Match


TOKYO – The men’s basketball tournament at the Tokyo Olympics concludes on Saturday with a morning (Friday night in the US) gold medal match between the USA and France, followed by a match for third place between Australia and Slovenia. day.

The Americans, who won three gold medals in a row in the event that dates back to 2008, left the tournament opening to France, raising questions about the team’s preparation for these Games. It didn’t help that he had multiple wobbly shows, including two losses in a series of warm-up games before he left for Tokyo.

But they’ve improved with every game since then. The question is, have they improved enough to secure the championship in such a short time?

The gold medal game will air Friday at 8:30 PM Eastern time on NBC. The bronze medal match will be on the USA Network on Saturday at 7pm.

despite them lost at startupAmericans are still preferred over winning their 16th gold medal in men’s basketball.

Much of the recent boost in their self-confidence was due to the game of Kevin Durant, who was the country’s top goal scorer in Olympic games during the tournament. seemed dominant He leads the team with 19.0 points per game, after scoring just 10 points in the team’s last two games in the loss to France. Off the bench, Jayson Tatum added 14.4 points per game, while Jrue Holliday scored 12.0 points.

For all Americans’ goal-scoring prowess, it will be the team defenses that can make the difference. France, like basically every other team the United States has faced, has tried to use size and power to bully smaller squads of Americans. Getting rebounds on both sides of the ball will be crucial.

The French team, whose best results in men’s basketball were silver medalists in 1948 and 2000, narrowly narrowed down to the championship game by beating Slovenia 90-89 and Klemen Prepelic needed a last-second block from Nicolas Batum in the layup lap. .

7-metre center Rudy Gobert has been a vital presence in paint for France. He finished his game against Slovenia with nine points, 16 rebounds and four blocks and the French will definitely try to establish their presence early and often in the championship game.

Evan Fournier, who signed with the Knicks this week, scored 28 points against the USA in the teams’ first game. The American players later lauded the French team’s offensive execution, which came as a result of many years of continuity in the program. In a way, the game pits well-trained French against gifted Americans.

Australia beat the USA 97-78 in the semi-finals to play for the third place. Slovenia defeated Germany 94-70 in the quarter-finals and lost to France.

For casual fans, the main attraction will be the chance to watch Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic return to work, a gleaming Olympic debut. He recorded his third ever Olympic triple-double against France with 16 points, 10 rebounds, 18 assists, and his first since LeBron James in 2012.

And Doncic’s 48 points in Slovenia’s group stage match against Argentina equaled the second-highest total in Olympic history. (Brazilian Oscar Schmidt scored 55 points in a game in 1988.)


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