If Lockout Makes Baseball Better, It’ll Be Worth It

The drop in earning power of middle players – solid veterans whose production could perhaps be replaced by a rookie – can be accelerated in this deal. There are always undesirable consequences. But there seem to be some aspects that would make the game better.

Teams often hold the best prospects in the juniors to squeeze in an extra year of service before reaching the free roster. Now, if a player places in the top two in the Rookie of the Year voting, they receive a full year of service regardless of when they were promoted. That’s fair. So are the limits on the number of times a player can be selected in a season, and the $50 million merit-based bonus pool that will be distributed to players not yet eligible for arbitration.

Team owners San Diego shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. He pushed for an international draft, a complex issue that many Latin American players passionately opposed. It took some time, but the league reasonably allowed the league to review the matter and make a decision by the end of July and attributed its transition to the elimination of the qualifying bid with the free agent restriction.

Perhaps most encouraging: In 2023, a joint committee of four active players, a referee, and six elected by the MLB will consider rule changes such as larger bases, a field clock, field shifts, and automatic strike zone. The committee can decide on a rule change and implement it within 45 days – again a sensible solution that gives players a say in workplace rules.

There are other logical wrinkles in the draft, like the universally designated hitter (no one wants their favorite shooter to hurt himself by waving his stick or running the bases) and a lottery for the first six places in the draft, so the same team can’t guarantee itself the best pick. by being screwed up for several years.

Advertising on jerseys is a sticky business and we’ll have to see how the expanding playoff field turns out in practice; 12 teams from here seems like a lot. But if all this combines to make the game better, the grudge will be worth it. The league and its players gave themselves a chance to reclaim baseball’s place in the national spirit. Please don’t blow it up.

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