If you name your book ‘Not a Happy Family’, people will buy it


FOOD AND BLOOD Who wouldn’t be drawn to a book called “Not a Happy Family”? Shari Lapena the novel enters hardcover fiction list at number 3. Like the former Canadian lawyer/English teacher’s previous bestsellers – including “The Couple Next Door” and “The End of Her” – “Not a Happy Family” turns into a nightmare stew. “A wealthy elderly couple was found murdered in their home,” says the 30-second trailer for the novel, which can be viewed on Lapena’s website. “Was there an intrusion that went wrong? Or did one of your children finally pass out?” Music “jaws”-level stressed; the mansion person flashing before your eyes”Wizard” It looks like the hut of the Three Bears. There are dark moments in Lapena’s book (“She was brutally stabbed multiple times, her fleshy throat was slit”), but Lapena’s dedication sounds like a positive note: “Thank you to the heroes of the pandemic – scientists, medical personnel, frontline workers everywhere. “

LISTEN Take a look at the audio bestseller list and you’ll see an interesting split: 11 out of 15 non-fiction books are read at least in part by their authors, while all books on the fiction side are told by professionals, some have their own loyal following. In Times Magazine profile of Edoardo Balleriwho lends your voice by Daniel Silva Susan Dominus, in “The Cellist,” currently at #7, wrote: “Some listeners will buy anything he tells, which may help explain why a collection of Albert Camus’ mid-20th century compilations suddenly hit the best-seller list. . Last year’s list.” This month, four of the 15 novels on the audio fiction list are narrated (in whole or in part) by Julia Whelan, author of My Oxford Year.

PREMATURE As if seeing school supplies replace sunscreen at the grocery store wasn’t stressful enough, young prospective readers put a Halloween book on their picture book list. Currently at number 10, Jory John’s “Offers a Bad Seed: The Good, the Bad, and the Spooky” features a crusty sunflower seed Pete Oswald) costume distrust prompts him to convince his compatriots that Halloween has been postponed. How can a low-cut core compete with a chick dressed as a cowboy in a flashy bandana? Or a cashew disguised as a crocodile? The market has spoken: These questions are on the horizon.


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