‘Important Time’ for Cloud Gaming That Wants to Change The Way You Play


Mr. Buser declined to comment on the February changes.

Amazon also introduced a cloud service, Luna, in September. So far, it’s only available to invitees who pay $6 a month to play 85 games on the platform. Games can be streamed from the cloud to phones, computers, and Amazon’s Fire TV.

Like Google, Amazon has struggled to put together a large library of attractive games, although it does offer games from French publisher Ubisoft for an additional fee. Amazon also had trouble developing their own gamesIt showed, as Mr van Dreunen said, that the creative art required to make seductive games conflicts with the more corporate style of tech giants.

“They may have an interesting technological solution, but they are completely devoid of personality,” he said.

Amazon says it’s dedicated to game development: It opened a game studio in Montreal in March and is releasing a game called New World this summer after a long delay.

Even console manufacturers have jumped into cloud gaming. Microsoft, which makes the Xbox console, released a cloud offering, xCloud, or Xbox Cloud Gaming, last fall. For a $15 monthly subscription, users can play over 200 games on a variety of devices.

Sony also has a cloud gaming service called PlayStation Now where games can be streamed to PlayStation consoles and computers.

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, said in an interview last month that he doesn’t think it’s possible to be a “ambitious on any level” gaming company without cloud gaming. Sony declined to comment.

Other companies have also stepped in. Chipmaker Nvidia, which makes gaming hardware, has a $10 per month cloud program, GeForce Now.


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