In another blow to Didi, China stopped downloading another 25 apps.


In its latest criticism of ride-hailing giant Didi, China ordered the removal of 25 more of the company’s apps from mobile stores on Friday, deepening the regulatory vortex that has engulfed the company ever since. Go public on the New York Stock Exchange last week.

The country’s internet regulator said in a statement. 22:00 announcement He said the apps, which include Didi’s car pool app, finance app, and app for corporate customers, showed problems with the collection and use of personal data.

The latest announcement was almost identical to the order the same agency posted on Sunday. stopping downloads Didi’s main, consumer-facing app is for the same reason. That order was followed by a separate order two days ago, telling Didi to stop registering new users while officials check the company’s network security practices.

None of these latest commands provided any details about the specific data and security issues that aroused authorities’ concerns. In a statement posted after midnight on Chinese social media, Didi said she would “sincerely accept and fulfill with determination” the demands.

Beijing’s sudden moves against Didi, who has been celebrated for years as a domestic innovator and industry pioneer in China, has shaken the company’s new Wall Street shareholders. The restriction has also frightened investors and start-ups, who are wary of what’s going on in China. Increasing hostility from Chinese officials for domestic companies that list shares on foreign exchanges.

A listing on Wall Street, such as Alibaba’s record-breaking listing in 2014, was once seen as the ultimate confirmation of a company’s business successes in China.


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