Italy also thinks she’s back home.


Every year in Italy is a big year of football. When the national league is over, victorious fans parade their cars and mopeds through the streets of the city. However, Italian football fanaticism takes on the guise of religious belief during international competitions.

Earlier this week, “God is Italian” in a national sports newspaper headline glorified the semi-final victory over Spain. On Sunday, Italy will try to add a new page to the historic football history to beat England in London. It’s been a month already.

Four years after the national team faced off humiliation of unqualified For the World Cup, Italy – embracing a mix of youth and fun and their usual defensive excellence – reset their fans’ expectations. This weekend, the team bears on their shoulders the hopes of a nation badly battered by the coronavirus but showing the way out of the pandemic.

Despite the restrictions that still require masks and social distancing, people watch the matches in large crowds and celebrate on the streets, especially indoors.

“Whatever happens, people need some normalcy and this year the national team is a reason to be proud and cheerful after so much suffering,” said amateur football coach Daniele Magnani, who visited the national football museum in Florence with his wife. .


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