Jordan Chiles Has An Unusual Holiday For USA Gymnasts


One question on many gymnastics fans’ minds was how well Jordan Chiles would do in the qualifiers: Will he go all-round or make it to the competition finals? two rules of gymnastics per country?

It wasn’t in the afternoon. Chiles, 20, scored just 12,866 on the bars, and then finished the day with two hits, one in an acrobatic series and the other as he descended from his horse. This left him behind the top two Americans in every event.

However, he will return home with a medal in the team final, where the United States will aim to put on a much stronger show.

A month ago, Chiles was the third-place all-rounder. Olympic Trials, behind Simone Biles and Sunisa Lee. She’s generally a versatile and consistent gymnast, and this year she was the only U.S. team member to make no big mistakes in any of the four major local competitions. That means he did 24 routines and hit them all.

Still, Chiles had a rough route to the Olympics, frequently missing major international competitions and nearly quitting in 2018 because “I didn’t think the sport wanted me anymore,” he said.

Then Biles made a suggestion: Why didn’t Chiles move to Texas to train with Biles at the gym’s World Champions Center? Chiles heeded this advice.

Perhaps no gymnast has benefited as much from the postponement of the Games as Chiles: being dropped from the 2019 world championships team, she performed so well in 2021 that she became a keystone for Tokyo before the trials even began.


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